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Thank you for your interest in producing a radio program with Party 934!

Who we are
Party 934 is an internet-based radio station owned and operated by The Freeform Radio Initiative, a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization. We have been broadcasting since 2008 and we currently have over one hundred remote-working personalities conducting live radio programs.

Our major focus is giving the community - whether that be in the United States or abroad - a chance to have their voice heard on a professional mass media forum. We have trained hundreds of individuals on the radio industry by offering start up training and helpful evaluations along the way. Party 934 follows the freeform format, allowing for diverse communities a chance to go on the air and do virtually any type of radio program they'd like.

How it works
Essentially, you are streaming content to the Internet using your own Mac- or Windows-based computer, a wired internet connection, and a USB headset. We will provide the software and the training you will need in order to produce a great radio program.

What is not allowed
Party 934 was founded on the principle of live, commercial-free radio. Therefore, we do not accept pre-produced or syndicated content, nor do we offer on-air advertising or commercials. In addition, we prohibit top 40 music from being broadcast on the station. As innovators in new media, we feel that relying on already highly-publicized music does our listening audience no good. We challenge our personalities to give their airtime to lesser-known bands and artists; those groups who actually work very hard to produce high caliber music. Finally, we are unable to air any content that contains vulgarity or sexually-suggestive material.

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