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Party 934 is a new type of radio station. We are a truly multigenre station, which means we do not have a set format. Our "Party Mixologists" have their own shows throughout the day and they get to play or talk about virtually anything. In a sense, we allow our on-air personalities to have a personality.

Party 934 was founded by Scott McWilliams. He started developing the station in February of 2008 and had a successful launch on September 13th, 2008 with several on-air personalities. At this time, the station did not have an automation system so the station was only operational when live on-air personalities were on the air.

Fast forward to present day, the station empowers close to one hundred on-air personalities to take back the microphone from corporate America and try something different. The "independent, non-traditional radio" slogan was established and the station signs people from all over the world to remotely produce their very own radio shows.

  • Scott McWilliams - General Manager

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Party 934 is looking for unique, forward-thinking individuals to remotely-produce independent and non-traditional radio programs.




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