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Wayne Carlson


Seattle, Washington, USA


Metal, grind, death, crust, black metal, industrial

Favorite Artists

I have to name my favorites? oh boy the list could fill a book as thick as War and Peace. If it’s heavy, catchy, or just has a good riff, I’ll dig it.

About Me

Born in Auburn Washington; yet his mom to this day still claims he wasn’t born but found under a telephone pole on the streets of Spanaway with a sign that said "Can God Fill Teeth?" She picked him up and it was love at first sight as his parents finally decided to raise him as their own. Wayne is a diverse talent wiith a tendency to walk on the wild side with a little taste of dry and sarcastic humor added to it.

Wayne brings to Party 934 over 17 years of experience in radio with a diverse background in both on-air and behind the mic roles including Programming, Production, and Promotions. His creative mind has taken him through 9 stations in and around the West Coast. Wayne can be heard doing voice-over work for commercials, multimedia websites, and even a gallant attempt at voicing some games.

When he’s not doing his show on Party 934, he’s working on his podcast which can easily be classified as an almost 1 hour long tirade of current events, weird news, rants, geek talk, and music. He can also be seen in local recording studios helping musicians out and has produced 6 full-length albums of varying genres. He’s also an avid gamer who plays his vast collection of old and new game consoles. Wanna challenge, get in touch.

Air Shifts
  • Thursday 12a - 1a EST
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