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Real music by real musicians & songs that will soundtrack your journey

Favorite Artists

Grateful Dead, Disco Biscuits, Pink Floyd, Cream, Phish, Talking Heads, CCR, MC5, Sigur Ros. Big fan of the blues and jazz, too many artists to name....Stand-up comedy too.

About Me

As a fellow musician myself, I respect almost any form of musical expression. I'm a big phan of the jam scene, having been to many shows of both legendary and modern acts. This show is my way of preserving the music that defines every generation. I've been to a lot of concerts/festivals and feel that live performance is ultimately the best way to experience the art. Having been to so many shows of both The Disco Biscuits and Phish, I wish to share some of these live gems with my listeners and provide inspiration for everyone to go out and play. Now let's have some fun!

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  • Wednesday 9p - 10p EST
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