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Empower you to find, embrace & utilize the greatness within you!

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Eli Marcus is a fiery, renowned dynamic Motivational Speaker and businessman who, as CEO of his Seminar Center, worked with some of the all-time great celebs, book authors & speakers including Michael Jackson, Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul), Dr. Richard Carlson (Don't Sweat the Small Stuff), Denis Waitley, Les Brown, Neale Donald Walsch, Caroline Myss & hundreds others. If you are prepared to alter your status quo and are ready for Massive Change, your life will likely never be the same again...and that's cause for celebration. Get ready to discover who you truly are, why you are really here on earth, and how to alter the course of history and leave a legacy of glory which makes a profound difference in your life as well as others.

Follow Eli on Facebook and Instagram at MotivateToGreatness and Twitter at @MotivateA2z.

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  • Saturday 10a - 11a EST
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