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Sean Christian

Sean Christian

Progressive R&B, hip hop, pop, dance, reggae, indie and classic



Chicago, Illinois, USA



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All sorts!

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I’m a Miami, Flordia transplant currently living in Chicago, Illinois. With nearly a decade in the radio industry, I bring a progressive yet experienced view to my work at Party 934. My duties at the station mostly surround the design, marketing, promotion, delivery and quality of the station. I also participate in fundraising planning and ensure legal compliance per IRS Section 501(c)(3). My opinion of the radio industry is that corporate radio is failing and is in need of desperate reform. Stations seem to be more concerned about profits than the actual listener, and we strive to offer an unique listening experience at Party 934.

Aside from my work as General Manager and Program Director, I am heading up a project to involve people who are currently incarcerated in the United States with the opportunity to have their voices heard on Party 934. This unique opportunity will provide a voice for our most muffled and ignored citizens. More information on this is coming soon!

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