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Leonardo da Vinci *cackle cackle*

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Once upon a time and far far away, in the village of Goatshead, there lived an evil witch called Samantha V Hutton... She was so evil that one day, all the villagers banded together and burned her at the stake! Some said she deserved it, well eh, actually, everyone said she deserved it! However, before she died she cast a spell on her most trusted companions, making them immortal and gifting them with the book of spells, which could be used to resurrect her from the grave. And as the villagers watched her perish, she vowed to return within a week, and unleash the most unimaginable horrors upon the villager and their homes.

Four hundred years later, the three companions of Samantha V Hutton finally got around to bringing her back... These being Samantha's Maid, Butler and identical cousin Amanda.
But something went terribly wrong during the resurrection ceremony, and instead of the vile evil creature they once knew, they discovered that after three centuries in limbo, Samantha had gotten a little... Well let's not beat-around-the-bush, she got a lot more selfish, self-centered and unbelievably deluded - so much so, she now believes herself to be the queen of the airwaves!

Be sure to tune in to The Witching Hour every week to hear the latest adventures of Samantha V Hutton, along with Amanda, Jeeves and the maid, as they struggle to survive in a world that forgot to understand!

Till Sunday, Be-seeing-U!

Samantha V Hutton - Party 934 Resident Witch

The Witching Hour

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Huzzah!! It's ALIVE! - Well, sort of... *cackles*

Posted on 02 Oct 2016

Samantha: Good morning my dear listeners *sighs* Oh how it feels like I have been away so long… And worse yet! It’s my favourite month of the year so -

Jeeves: Get away.

Samantha: WHAT?! What are you blabbering on about now man, I’ve had enough of your nonsense stories these past few weeks!

Jeeves: They weren’t all nonsense surely, I mean what about Mrs Hawthorn and that potato up her -

Samantha: JEEVES! Now is not the time to share that story… In fact! NEVER is the time! We can all go on living without EVER hearing that blasted story errk…

Jeeves: Well your cousin Amanda sure knows how to fight dirty! COR! Haha Mrs Hawthorn was hopping around for weeks.

Samantha: Yes quite… anyway, as I was explain my dear listeners – before I was RUDLEY interrupted… It saddens me even more, since its my favourite month of the year!

Maid: But… surely July is my lady?

Samantha: Oh goodness… not you aswell…

Maid: But July has your birth date in it my lady. Oooooo! I’m already planning what to make you next year tee hee!

Samantha: Errrk… good grief! Well yes, I suppose July is also a favourite month, but it’s only for one day. Whereas October! Well… The whole month is a build up to that magical time of year! *cackles*

Maid: Oh I see… I was gonna say, I mean your birthday’s important!

Samantha: HA! Well yes, it goes without saying maid! NOW pipe it down… *clears throat*
Anyhoo my dear listeners… as you will hear in this live show. I am just getting to grips with this new fangled software, but shall be on next week! On the 9th of October!
Till then… Be seeing you! *cackle cackle*

Important Notice!! - Please Read

Posted on 21 May 2016

Ah, my dear, dear listeners. After much consideration, I have decided to do alterations with the weekly show’s formats…

Due to Voice Over work, theatre and acting – It is becoming increasingly hard to produce my usual radio ‘sitcom’ show every week.
I shall still be producing my radio drama/sitcom show, but fortnightly, the other weeks will be a normal DJing type.

Therefore, the next episode of Samantha V Hutton’s Witching Hour show will be: Sunday 29th May 2016

Sunday 12th June 2016
Sunday 26th June 2016
Sunday 10th July 2016
Sunday 24th July 2016

And so forth…

In other news…I am working hard into developing my Witching Hour concept into other mediums too – So will keep you all posted on any new developments on that!

Hope you all have a magical week! *cackle cackle*

Kindest regards

Annnnnd Action!!

Posted on 24 Apr 2016

From just getting back from filming in 'Of the Shadows' to now starring in a witchy film titled 'Allurement' I will be away this week, as today is the last day of filming...
So sit back and relax with some good ol' music in my absence.

Till next time ~ Be seeing you!

Ask a Witch!

Posted on 09 Apr 2014

Want to contact your favorite radio witch? Or any of the other characters on the show? - Feel free to drop an email via our Facebook page:
Samantha V Hutton - Party 934's Resident Witch

Or alternatively email: samanthavhutton@yahoo.co.uk

But don't expect an average reply *cackle cackle*
Till Sunday dear listeners, be seeing you!

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