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Englewood, Colorado, USA


"Making It Big" - a show dedicated to modern big band jazz.

Favorite Artists

Maynard Ferguson, Woody Herman, Count Basie, Bill Chase, Don Ellis, Stan Kenton, Buddy Rich, Brian Setzer

About Me

Hi, I'm Scott from the Denver, CO area. I am a trumpet player, big band leader as well as freelance player in/around the Denver area. My first love is big band jazz but I love playing anything including rock, funk, blues, classical, even polkas! I am involved in a number of groups including the Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra, CHASED (a Bill Chase tribute band), Mass Hipsteria (funk group), Red Hot Rhinos (blues band), Denver Horns (including The Last Waltz Revisited), and many others.

Day job is as a pilot instructor for UAL.

My show will focus on jazz and specifically big band jazz. This is NOT your parents big band jazz (i.e. Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, etc) though some of the classics might slip in from time to time. THIS show features recent (last 10-20yrs) jazz orchestras/big bands of the greats like Maynard Ferguson, Stan Kenton, Woody Herman, and Buddy Rich as well as current groups like Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band (LA), Village Vanguard Jazz Orchestra (NY) and hundreds more. Some local, up-and-coming groups will be featured as well.

Comment, ideas or suggestions? MakingIt Big@comcast.net.

Let me hear from you! Thank you for supporting this station too!

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Trumpet Duel!

Posted on 03 Feb 2014

During my show today, I mentioned a great YT clip featuring the great trumpet of Al Hirt as well as Guido Basso, an outstanding trumpet player from Canada. Here is a link to the clip.

Hate to show my age but this was back when TV was live and featured great musical performances, not pre-recorded tracks or laugh tracks!!)

Check it out!


Jan 13 Show!

Posted on 13 Jan 2014

Thanks for checking out my Party934 blog! I'll post things about my show, upcoming show info and anything else that might be fun! You can always contact me via MakingItBig@comcast.net.

Today's show will have a couple mini-featurettes in addition to the normal great variety of big band jazz tunes. A BIG thank you to my friend John from here in Denver who has been giving me great ideas for my show. This is one of them...I'll have three sets that are dedicated to one artist or theme. Today that will be Maynard Ferguson, Buddy Rich and "jazz vocalists". I will also try to play tunes that represent different periods in their musical lives.

Stay tuned and thanks for listening and reading!


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