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Axe Grinder Metal Show


Joliet, Illinois, USA


Metal and rock

Favorite Artists

Iron Maiden, Saxon, Motorhead, Rob Halford, and Judas Priest

About Me

Grew up in a small Midwestern town. Got hooked on Rock and Metal music in High School. Although limited exposure, my friends were always buying British import metal where I discovered bands like Iron Maiden, Saxon, and Motorhead. Judas Priest were just starting to breakthrough the mainstream with the British Steel album. Once I heard Rob Halford belt out the coveted "Another Thing Coming" I knew being a metal singer is what I wanted to do. I cut my teeth in several cover bands and finally tried my hand at writing with a band called Matrix in late ’89 (way before the movie franchise).Mildly successfull locally, we recorded a 4 song E.P., but broke up soon after. I then tried another band, but I felt I was just a hired gun and was not asked to help write any material. They were a great bunch of guys and very talented, but the era of my kind of music was lost in the Seattle movement. I left that group and was on hiatus for about 10 years. I was convinced to jam with a bunch of friends and we turned it into a working gig. We play what we want to play and it seems there is a resurgence of our music so it’s working out well. On a side note the E.P. that Matrix recorded back in the 90’s was heard by a record company called Retrospect Records and they signed us almost 20 years later. Playing rock and metal on the radio is a cool gig. I will play some of the deep cuts and even recognizable ones. If there is something you want to hear and I don’t have it, I’ll track it down and play it. I’m looking forward to not only playing some of the greatest music in the world, but to hearing from the greatest fans of this genre of music!

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